WWTP Roigheim, Germany

The waste water treatment plant Roigheim which clears water of four municipalities and their district, treats between 2.200 and 19.000 m³ wastewater per day.

In the ending of 2017,
a start was made on the renovation of the 40 years old wastewater treatment plant that will update it to the latest technological standard.



Scope of delivery:

Wastewater treatment / Phosphate precipitation
Precipitant station FeCl3 incl. filling, storage and dosing

  • PE storage tank 25.000l for FeCl3 incl. filling, heating, measuring and safety equipment

  • 1 x dosing station DSM-3-17 based on diaphragm dosing pumps (dosing capacity 3 x 17l/h, 7 bar)

  • Complete mounting of suction and dosing lines


Sludge dewatering system
Full-automatic polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing system

  • 1 x MixLine 7300-2000F, 3-chamber continuous flow preparation plant (capacity: 2.000 l/h)