Wastewater treatment plant Budva, Montenegro

Storage and dosing of FeCl3 in Wastewater treatment plant Budva, Montenegro

Budva as one of the first cities in Montengro invests in many projects in order to meet European environmental standards. Amongst these are building of four wastewater treatment plants, expansion as well as rehabilitation of existing canal system and several pumping stations and the construction of outlets to the sea carried out by German plant manufacturer WTE Wassertechnik GmbH from Essen, Germany.

With these measures, wastewater of approx. 130 000 population equivalents of the Adriatic coastal region shall be treated, in final stage (planned in 2020) up to 215 000. We installed as a sub-supplier the storage and dosing station for iron (III) chloride in one of the most modern wastewater treatment plants of the Adriatic Republic.


Storage and dosing of FeCl3 for sludge conditioning and phosphate elimination in activated sludge basin 

Scope of services:

  • double-walled tank with a volume of 1000 l, including filling cabinet and safety installations

  • automatically or manually controllable dosing unit based on 4 diaphragm dosing pumps (2 x 380 l/h, 2 x 60 l/h) with emergency shower and eye bath