Infineon Dresden, Germany & Villach, Austria

Infineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductor solutions. It has a workforce of some 46,700 people worldwide and belongs to the global top 10 semiconductor companies in 2020.

In the facilities of Dresden, Germany and Villach, Austria, our units are used for treatment of waste water and process water.


04/2020 - 11/2020

Delivery to Infineon, Villach, Austria:

Dosing stations for different chemicals, such as caustic soda, NaOCl, FeCl3, HCl, for process water treatment. In detail, there are installed:  


  • 3 x dosing station DSM-4-200 FCM based on diaphragm dosing pumps incl. storage tank
      tank (dosing capacity: 200 l/h at 4 bars, storage tank 1.000l)
  • 2 x dosing station DSM-2-30 based on diaphragm dosing pumps (dosing capacity: 30 l/h at 4 bar)
  • 2 x chemistry box based on water jet pump for NaOH and HCl



Delivery to Dresden, Germany:

Full-automatic polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing system for waste water treatment, consisting of:

  • 1 x MixLine 7300-1000, 3-chambered continuously working solution preparation unit (preparation capacity: 1000 l)
  • 1 x dosing station DSM-3-200 FCM based on diaphragm dosing pumps (dosing capacity: 200 l/h, 4 bar)