BP refinery Gelsenkirchen-Horst, Germany

Polymeraufbereitung und -dosierung BP Raffinerie Gelsenkirchen-Horst

Customer: Hager+Elsässer GmbH

Since April 2011, one of the biggest refineries of Germany "BP Gelsenkirchen" has used an ALEBRO system for preparation and dosing of polymers with a post-dilution unit.

In the processing of approx. 12 millions tons of crude oil to over 50 different products, immense quantities of wastewater accrue annually in the BP Gelsenkirchen. The ALEBRO polymer preparation and dosing system helps to treat them in the central wastewater treatment plant of BP Gelsenkirchen-Horst.


Storage / preparation / dosing of ready-to-use polyelectrolyte solution from liquid polymers

Scope of services:

  • 1 x Preparation system
    MixLine MX7300-1000F
    Preparation capacity 1000 l/h

  • 1 x Dosing station consisting of three eccentric screw pumps, safety fittings and flow metering devices
    Dosing capacity
    30-300 l/h at 3 bar

  • 1 x Post-dilution unit
    Water flow 250 - 2500 l/h

After the system has been delivered it was completely piped and put into operation.