Aluminium plant Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

For quite some time the biggest manufacturer and supplier of aluminium in Kazakhstan and one of the Top 10 aluminium plants around the world has taken modernization measures in order to augment product quality and contribute environmental protection. In course of that the plant decided to install our preparation units and dosing systems in December 2007.

Preparation and dosing of flocculation aid in sedimentation tank for reclaiming of process water


  • 4 x Preparation units MixLine MX7300-4000 for liquid concentrate
    Preparation capacity of each unit 8000 l/h
  • 4 x Dosing system DS-4-3000 on the basis of eccentric screw pumps
    Dosing capacity of each station 3 x 3000 l/h at 6 bar
    Full-automatic dosing incl. flow control and communication with the main level via Ethernet